Incorporated in Dec. 2011, Rina Chemicals Yueyang Co., Ltd. is situated in 3#, Yueyang Ecological Industrial Park, Yueyang, Hunan China.

  The company is specialized in Zeolite and Alumina.  With a total annual production capacity of 2,500 MT’s, our Zeolite includes NaY Zeolite, HY Zeolite,

  REY Zeolite, REUSY Zeolite, ZSM-5 Zeolite and Beta Zeolite. The Alumina Division manufactures annually 5,000 MT’s Gelling Pseudoboehmite which can be used to produce FCC Catalysts, FCC Additives and Adsorbents; 5,000 MT’s Specialty Pseudoboehmite which can be used as carrier in production of Hydrogenation Catalysts and 1,000 MT’s Boehmite which can be used as catalysts support, for automobile emissions control catalysts as well as electronic ceramics

  The company devotes to research and development.  Teams of management, technical and sales are full of innovation and energy.  45% of the personnel have high-ranking titles; 25% of the researchers are doctors.  They work for customers’ needs.  The company has its Quality Approval Department installed with equipment introduced from Germany, Japan and America.

  The Rina Team will keep up innovating based on scientific management so as to supply the best services to every customer.  The concept Supplying As Customers Need To Win More Glories is followed.