NaY Zeolite

Release date: 2018/4/13


Product Name: NaY Zeolite

Product Description:

  NaY zeolite, a kind of alkali silicon aluminate, is Y-type crystal sodium zeolite. It can adsorb molecules whose critical diameters are no greater than 10Å. It is used for catalytic cracking catalysts preparation, drying dehydration, hydrogen desulfurization, the catalysts support, the purification of gases of oil refining and chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics and nuclear-related industries.

Technical Parameter:






 90 min

 SiO2-Al2O3    Ratio (SAR)


 5.0 min

 LOI (Loss on    Ignition @ 800° C)


 25 max

Appearance: white powder

Packaging: 500 KG/Supersack

Storage: It must be kept dry in a ventilated store.

Notes: Modification on specifications is available.