Beta Zeolite

Release date: 2018/4/13


Product Name: Beta Zeolite

Product Description:

  Beta Zeolite is the only one structured with three-dimensional 12-membered ring channels among zeolite family. It is of high activity in hydrocracking and hydroisomerization catalyzing. It is capable of linear paraffin adsorption and anti-poison with sulfur and nitrogen. It is used in petrochemical industrial for preparation of cumin by benzene and propylene alkylation, diisopropylbenzene by cumin disproportionation, methylbenzene isopropylation, arene alkylation, diisopropylbenzene transalkylation, propylene etherification, carbinol aromatization, propylene epoxide and alcohol etherification, phenol methylation, aminobenzene methylation, cumin and methylbenzene transalkylation, methylbenzene disproportionate, ect.. The application of Beta Zeolite and USY Zeolite brings octane number increase. In fine chemical industrial, Beta Zeolite is good with activity and selectivity in dewatering and deminizating.

Technical Parameter:






 Ammonium / Hydrogen

 SiO2-Al2O3 Ratio


 20 – various grades



 90 min

 Surface Area


 500 min



 0.05 max

 L.O.I. ( 550°C/2h)


 10 max

Appearance: grey powder

Packaging: 500 KG/Supersack

Storage: It must be kept dry in a ventilated store.

Notes: Modification on specification is available.